Ramzan Kadyrov’s nightmares came true. He threatened Poland

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has made the most nightmarish predictions about the war in Ukraine come true. He threatened Poland.

We are done with Ukraine. To cook Poland, announced Ramzan Kadyrov on social networks.

“The issue with Ukraine is closed. I am interested in Poland. Poland, what is it trying to achieve? After Ukraine, if we are ordered, we will show you what we are capable of within 6 seconds,” Kadyrov said in a video published in his official group. Telegram.

The Chechen then revealed how Warsaw had irritated him: “It would be better to take away your weapons and mercenaries. And pray for an official forgiveness for what you did to our ambassador. We will simply not ignore this, keep that in mind. “.

Kadyrov is probably referring to the decision of anti-war protesters to flood the Russian ambassador in Warsaw with red paint during a ceremony marking May 9th.

Unlike Ukraine, Poland is a member of NATO. And any attempt at aggression against her will raise the Alliance in response.

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