Flu epidemic over after thirteen weeks, lasted four weeks longer than usual | NOW

The flu epidemic is over. Fewer and fewer people have the disease, the RIVM, Erasmus MC and Nivel concluded on Wednesday.

The epidemic started in March, much later than usual. This is probably due to the measures taken against the corona virus.

They also prevented people from passing on the flu virus to others. When the corona restrictions were relaxed, people came into contact with others more and therefore were also more at risk of contracting influenza.

Once the flu epidemic started, it lasted longer. The epidemic has lasted thirteen weeks, while it normally lasts nine weeks.

In the Netherlands there is a flu epidemic when more than 58 out of 100,000 people with flu-like symptoms visit their doctor for two weeks in a row and at least 10 percent have the influenza virus. This data is kept by the Nivel and the RIVM.

The flu and COVID-19 are both respiratory infections, but they are caused by different viruses. The viruses spread via droplets released when, for example, coughing and sneezing.

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