Rain will continue in Saudi Arabia, accompanied by thunder and wind Madhyamam

Yambu: Meteorological Center has announced that rain, thunder and wind will continue in different parts of Saudi Arabia. The sky is mostly overcast. Makkah, Albaha and Asir provinces will experience moderate rain with wind and thunder.

There will be fog in Eastern Province, Northern Frontier Region and Al Jawf. Winds will be northwesterly at 10 to 28 km/h over the Red Sea. 15 to 35 kmph in southwesterly direction. Waves in the Red Sea are likely to reach heights of half a meter to one meter in the north and one meter to one and a half meters in the center and south.

It rained moderately in different parts of the country last day and in some places it rained heavily. Thunderstorms and wind were felt in those places. There are also reports of traffic jams and minor accidents due to waterlogged roads. Cities like Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah and Yambu received heavy rain. A ‘yellow alert’ was announced earlier in Makkah. The Civil Defense had also warned people living in low-lying areas to stay away from the danger.

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2023-12-10 14:18:57

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