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Rain on the Spielberg track forces to cancel the last F-1 practice runs


The first formulas (F-1), the third stage of the World Championship this season, which, like the first stage a week ago on the Spielberg track in Austria, canceled the third practice runs scheduled for Saturday due to rain, reports Autosport.com.

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The third Styrian Grand Prix practice runs due to heavy rain have been “postponed indefinitely”, the F-1 reported on Saturday.

The start of the training rides “Red Bull Ring” was planned at 1 pm Latvian time. However, for safety reasons, the F-3 race was already stopped before the F-1 training races after 12 laps.

Due to the impressive rain, 40 minutes after the third practice runs were due to start, they were canceled. F-3 races were also canceled.

The qualifying competition before the “Grand Prix” on Sunday is scheduled for 4 pm Latvian time.

As previously reported, this would allow the fastest husband of Friday drivers Max Verstapen from the Red Bull team to start from the first position.

The Red Bull driver traveled 4,318 kilometers in one minute and 3,660 seconds, 0.043 seconds ahead of Walter Botas from Mercedes, but lost 2,217 seconds to Serhio Peress (Racing Point).

Fourth place was won by Lens Strols, a member of Perez’s team, followed by Carlos Sains (“McLaren”) and Lewis Hamilton (“Mercedes”).

Only the ninth and 16th place after Friday’s training races are taken by both Ferrari drivers Charles Clecker and Sabastian Vettel, respectively.

Last weekend, the first stage of this season took place on the Spielberg track. Botass turned out to be the fastest, but Lekler finished second.

After two stages in Austria, the next stage is expected in Hungary on 19 July.

A record number of races were planned for this season (22), but due to the pandemic, the organizers decided to stick to 18 stages.

Last season, Hamilton was crowned world champion, triumphing for the sixth time in his career and for the third time in a row.



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