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Raichev with a prediction on who will beat the service in the elections

At the second, politicians are taking part in a video game of place in which opponents are interestingly oriented to diverse ambitions. They plainly perform for an graphic, they do not make calculations, they make an impression. For me they fail. This was mentioned by Andrey Raichev in the exhibit “Deal with to Deal with”.

Just after the elections, the PP will acquire not only critics from the centre, but also from the right, Hristo Ivanov’s Bash has no possibility not to criticize them, normally it pitfalls the life of the party. So the PP has introduced yet another front, the sociologist believes.

They really feel solid, they participate in to earn. It is the very same with Borisov. And he feels powerful and will participate in to acquire. Both of those sides come to feel solid and perform to gain. And this is a good achievements for Borisov, until finally now he was on the defensive. it matters who will hit the serve, Raichev thinks.

DPS can be a essential component in a presented circumstance. They are ready to see how factors go.

I have been observing Dogan for 30 years and have witnessed how he hates standing in rooms with an open up doorway. He generally needs a next one open. And now it will be like this: they sew DPS on GERB. But for Borisov, they are not tied to him in a towel, suggests Raichev.

When the some others are combating just about every other, Cornelia Ninova is battling with herself. The left is under 200,000 votes, Raichev also mentioned. Will there be an office? In idea, no. But there should really be. Right after the elections, politicians should consider really severely about what Bulgaria will search like in 2022 and 2023 and what will transpire if the war won’t stop, Raichev said.

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