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Raffi Ahmad Explains Depak Rumors to RANS Entertainment’s Dimas Ahmad


Dimas Ahmed which went viral because it was considered similar to Raffi Ahmad, is said to have been kicked out of RANS Entertainment. Finally Raffi Ahmad opened his voice about the news.

Some time ago, Dimas Ahmad guest starred at FYP with Raffi Ahmad’s two younger brothers Syahnaz and Nisya. On that occasion, Dimas admitted that he had learned a lot from Raffi Ahmad, who had truly become a leader for his family after his father’s death.

Dimas Ahmad is also experiencing the same thing. After his father died some time ago, Dimas Ahmad is now the head of the family.

“The choir in the family is a substitute for the father in the family. Although there is an older brother, but my brother already has a wife and family, so the choir for the family at home goes to me. There are even more brothers children, a middle school, a primary school, there is still a lot to do,” said Dimas Ahmad at Studio 41, South Jakarta.

The figure of Raffi Ahmad has given Dimas Ahmad many lessons. Dimas Ahmad imitated Raffi Ahmad a lot.

“Enthusiasm doesn’t count, everything is done,” praised Dimas Raffi Ahmad.

Raffi Ahmad revealed that Dimas Ahmad is the type who is always grateful. Dimas Ahmad feels bad if he becomes a problem in a family that has been good to him.

“The nekos are not good. They have been brought in, it is causing havoc. Because of the sale of the meatballs, someone is recording it. I don’t think it is the same. like it. Viral is very surprised,” he said.

At a time when her figure rarely appeared together Raffi Ahmad, Dimas is said to have been kicked out of RANS Entertainment. Jokingly, Dimas pointed out that his current income comes from Raffi Ahmad.

“From the boss (revenue), thank you boss yesterday for the transfer. Yes, many say (I was kicked out of RANS Entertainment),” Dimas said.

“Everyone changes, people change, everyone changes. I was at home diligently working on vlogs, now I’m doing something else, another business. Gigi is also working on something else. Dimas also has other businesses. So they don’t have to be seen together. together. But we still have our lives busy,” explained Raffi Ahmad.

Dimas Ahmad actually pointed out that Raffi Ahmad helped him a lot, starting with paying for his college, giving him work, to treating him like family. Dimas Ahmed currently also in college funded by Raffi Ahmad.

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