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We have been your local radio in Cologne since 1991. 3. RADIO TRAUSNITZ app; 30 years of RADIO TRAUSNITZ; Advertising; Contact; Approach; Job offers; Mail to the studio Studio hotline: 0800/14 15 800 Whatsapp Facebook Twitter Instagram search. Trump’s WhatsApp group – “Christmas tree” Published: Tuesday, 01.12.2020 12:55. It’s that simple: 1. The police are warning of a scam that is currently spreading via WhatsApp. Typical opposition. It is hard to comprehend that 1992 was almost 20 years ago. This allows us to answer you more personally and, for example, the FDP thinks that the decoration is still too expensive. Whatsapp Studio back. The artists have a home with us. … Data protection at WhatsApp – Contact – WDR 2 – Radio – WDR to the content A brief look at the USA: While some are still counting votes, the White House is already being decorated. You can get in touch with Bayern 2 via the messenger services WhatsApp and Telegram. 23.09.2014, 12:31 pm. Take part in the Christmas competition! Region: Police warn of WhatsApp. YOUR STICK RADIO WITH ALL THE STICK STARS. With these instructions, WhatsApp messages can be retrieved. The federal government would also like it to be Christmassy. We are happy to receive your traffic and speed camera reports and of course answer your questions. Radio Paloma is the hit radio for all Schlager fans. Whatsapp Studio back. “Can you please pass it on to me? BECOMES “MOBILE REPORTER” Radio… 02.11.20 | Sweepstakes. You can also reach Radio Arabella via WhatsApp. It’s urgent. “In addition to text you can of course also send photos, audios and videos. Via WhatsApp directly to us in the studio Traffic information, cool pictures from the RADIO RST region, voice messages on various topics: Simply write us a WhatsApp directly into the studio. And this is how it works: Save our service hotline in your smartphone and Radio Bamberg automatically appears in the favorites in WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a unique phenomenon even for the record-spoiled Internet industry. Better assign traffic reports. Radio Bamberg – all traffic jams, all speed cameras, all information ! Send message We will receive your message immediately. Radio 91.2 on WhatsApp. Donald Trump’s whole hut is on fire again. Trump’s WhatsApp group – “Christmas decorations” Published: Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 2:42 pm • Save our action hotline 0212 22 11 111 (or +49 212 22 11 111) under Radio RSG as a contact on your smartphone. WestmünsterlandSo a New Year’s Eve like this has e s never existed. The first candle burns. Quickly save our new WhatsApp number, 0160/70 70 720! Save radio gong as a contact; Send WhatsApp directly to the studio; Save only once – always write for free; Tip: You are welcome to include your first name in the message; Data protection declaration for the use of the WhatsApp service. As of today, Radio Arabella Munich has also been using WhatsApp to communicate with its listeners. News, posts and comments – listen in now 0951 – 98 29 0 29 Become a WhatsApp reporter! Trump’s WhatsApp group: “BFF” Published: Thursday, 11/19/2020 11:08 am. Your data and comments will not be made visible to a group of other users. Radio L – Christmas competition with the Mühleholzmarkt Vaduz. Hvad enten det he som vært, consultant, event manager, booker, i management or noget helt andet. Westmünsterland A special New Year’s Eve in Westmünsterland. But: Please do not add us to WhatsApp groups. Save our number +41 79 533 24 24 in the contact. Download:… here. The Radio Brocken WhatsApp number: 0345/20 44 300 And this is how it works: Install WhatsApp Here you can get WhatsApp! The regional radio station Radio Alpenwelle with good music and current topics from the region. Trump’s WhatsApp group – “Money Money Money” Published: Thursday, 12/10/2020 14:54. What can i send? Melania Trump had the Christmas tree finished. It is very important here: We will not send these messages as group messages. We use cookies in order to be able to design the website optimally and to offer you a high degree of user-friendliness. The basic requirement is that you have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. Radio Hamburg plays the mega hits of the 2000s, 10s and more. Diversity of today. To home page. No sooner has Joe Biden been elected US president than tax investigators knock on the door. If you have any questions to radio SAW, please use the free listener service hotline 0800 1 630 630 or send us an email [email protected]. Ostseewelle HIT-RADIO Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is also represented on WhatsApp. Our WhatsApp number: 02251 – 95 77 00 Regardless of whether speed cameras and traffic jams or general questions: Just write us a message, send photos, videos or voice messages. Radio Kiepenkerl can also be reached via WhatsApp! You might also be interested in “The good deed”: Radio Plassenburg donates 1,500 euros to the rubber foundation project Radio Plassenburg won 3,000 lots last weekend as part of the pre-Christmas fundraising campaign “The good deed” (…) 17. Our WhatsApp number: 05971-92090. “MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT – The radio like us” can now also be reached via WhatsApp. The BB RADIO morning show. 11/02/20 | Sweepstakes. FROM THE BORKEN CIRCLE Westmünsterland A special New Year’s Eve in Westmünsterland. We have expanded our Radio Euskirchen listener service so that you can contact us as quickly as possible – very simply with a WhatsApp message. We look forward to your messages! The Radio L “DES DING DO” competition, two weeks from December 7th, 2020 to December 18th, 2020 daily Monday to Friday at 4.10 p.m. with Quaderer AUTO.MOBILE in Schaan. Withdrawal of troops from Germany, allegations of bribery, but still finding any evidence of election fraud, Donald Trump is really stressed and first takes care of the most important things. Embarrassing message sent to the wrong recipient? Is that because of the office? The number for it: 0151/7 220 220 7. Published: Friday, December 4th, 2020 6:10 pm. Simply save the number as a contact in your mobile phone and send a WhatsApp message to MDR SACHSEN. Send us messages, speed cameras, traffic reports, photos or voice messages to our new WhatsApp number 0800 912 912 3. We look forward to your messages! This will keep you in touch with radio SAW in the future! Monday to Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Alex Purrucker, Clara Himmel and Maiki start the day with you. They bring you in a good mood and well rested into the day! These include: Helene Fischer, Andrea Berg, Roland Kaiser, Allessa, Anna-Maria Zimmermann, Bata Illic, Beatrice Egli, Bernhard Brink, Claudia Jung We look forward to seeing you! We can also be reached via WhatsApp! Trump’s WhatsApp group – “Türchen zu” Published: Monday, 11/30/2020 10:31 AM. Trump’s WhatsApp group – “cleaning boots” Published: Friday, 04.12.2020 09:03. You want to tell us something – from now on, simply write to us via WhatsApp (our online editorial team is usually open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week)! When you contact us via WhatsApp, we save your first name, surname, mobile phone number stored in your WhatsApp account … The expenses for the Christmas decorations in the ministries are lower than usual at 52,000 euros this year. Create the contact «Radio 24» December 2nd) with the specialty stores from Mühleholzmarkt in Vaduz. • Open WhatsApp and start a new chat with our contact • Please write your name and your place of residence (city). On the 107.1 MHz, our Radio Cologne app and on the web radio, we inform you about the most important things from Cologne and the world. The Radio L Christmas raffle from December 7th, 2020 to December 23rd, 2020 daily at 8:10 am (except 8. We play 100 percent German hits – with the new German hits and the cult hits. CHF 50.00. Radio L “DES DING DO” – Competition. As early as August 2015, over 600 million members worldwide were using WhatsApp … Stay in touch with us via WhatsApp! Get up with RADIO WMW: the best mix, current information, colorful topics as well as weather and traffic reports. Get WhatsApp back How you can get news ” Undo “. Radio Leverkusen on WhatsApp: 0214 – 868 33 88 Here you can write to us, send photos or voice messages. You can win a daily prize worth at least. It’s quick, easy and free. New WhatsApp number: 0160/70 70 720. Simply send your message directly to the studio via WhatsApp. Click on the following button and send us your message: Click here for your WhatsApp to the studio. We will meet you in particular do not send a newsletter or other information about Radio 90.1. Privacy; CONDITIONS; Imprint; Cookie settings. Here we inform you which data we collect when using WhatsApp and how this data is used. “Hello, sorry, I accidentally sent you a 6-digit code by SMS,” reads there. We look forward to every message from you: current reports, interesting information, photos, speed camera and traffic jam information or delays to the Railway stations in Leverkusen. >> WhatsApp for iOS >> WhatsApp for Android; save the number, preferably with the name “Radio Brocken”. A show with a heart, lots of surprises and just one mission: You and all of Brandenburg and Berlin with a lot of heart and passion and to bring laughter into the working day. RadioRadio er en årlig inspirationsdag for folk, der på den ene eller anden måde arbejder med radio. We are happy! Only you can see what we write you. Radio Arabella on WhatsApp Over 45 million Germans use this Short message program “WhatsApp”.

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