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Question to the editor: Have you ever spent money on loot boxes or gacha tickets?

There has been a lot of talk about loot boxes since the release of Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Governments around the world have intervened or are considering taking further steps to curb the practice, much to the dismay of some publishers. That’s why we now ask the editors: Have you ever spent money on loot boxes or gacha tickets?


I once spent money on loot. I believe this was in Rocket League, but generally I don’t. Especially not when it’s just cosmetic. Of course I sometimes think it’s cool or nice, but I won’t spend the extra money on a few pixels. After all, I’ve already paid for the game. That’s why I can’t see myself doing it anytime soon.


Not a red cent. You can count on one hand the times I have invested extra money after purchasing a game. Once an extra character for the Evolve game and obviously the necessary expansions, but never cosmetics and therefore no loot boxes full of them. I understand that people like it, but for me it’s always about the content and not the look.


Personally, I was confronted with loot boxes quite late, particularly while playing Overwatch. Every time I leveled up I was getting loot and it was far from annoying, as there were always new skins for the characters that I used often. There was usually a certain amount of in-game currency included as well. It made sure that you were still stimulated to continue and level up. However, I have never felt the urge to spend money on ostentation alone. DLC I buy too much, but loot is not my thing. It also goes a little against my principles, because all the time you have to spend doing that nonsense you can remove the bugs or develop some nice DLC that can be of added value to the game. Also, it seems normal for content to be added in boxes that give you advantages over people who don’t have this content, and in my humble opinion, it’s really going too far and too much happening.


I must confess that I have sometimes spent money to buy loot or gacha tickets. However, I have a principle. I only do it with free-to-play titles and I spend one euro for every hour of fun (so no effort or waiting). That way, I pay for my entertainment, but keep it comparable in price to many of the games I play. Loot box or gacha in a paid title is a completely different story and a reason not to buy the game at all.

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