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Qatar is not that far away, only two matches separate us from it, says Bundesliga sniper Schick

Of course, the Czech national team will rely a lot on the legionnaires from Leverkusen in the spring. More on his goals. After all, in the autumn it gives him one joy in the Bundesliga, so he is in the table of shooters with sixteen goals on the second place right behind the sniper Bayern Lewandowski.

“Of course, after the European Championship, there was a great expectation that I would continue to score goals, if it was not a coincidence at the European Championships and how I will assert myself in the Bundesliga. In fact, I didn’t expect to give myself sixteen in the first half of the season, but EURO gave me a lot of confidence, “Schick explained his shooting productivity on the scene of Germany’s top football competition.

“I was under pressure, which I understandably felt, but at the same time I had a huge appetite for work. Therefore, during my short vacation after returning from the European Championships, I only rested for a while and then worked on myself and on holiday to be ready for the start of the season. “

That’s why sixteen goals on his account. That’s why the second place in the table of shooters is behind Lewandowski, from Bayern Munich, who has nineteen of them, but ahead of Haaland from Borusssie Dormund, who scored three goals less than Schick.

I don’t feel more attention

“Still, I don’t feel that my opponents are paying more attention to me than in previous seasons. Of course, the defenders are probably preparing more for me, before the match they probably discuss the spaces in which I move, but I don’t observe anything special, “says the Czech national team member, who together with the Portuguese Ronald became the best scorer of this year’s European Championship.

Five goals helped the national team to advance to the quarterfinals, in the spring it should help him overcome the barrage difficulties presented first by Sweden and then the winner of the duel Russia – Poland.

“If all goes well, it will be two matches in which the current form and, of course, the state of health will decide,” Schick thinks that Qatar is not that far away for the Czech national team.

“It will be very important how all these things come together on a given day. When they all play for us, we have a pretty good chance of beating the Swedes. And even with the knowledge that they have a quality team, “he discussed the first of the rivals in the play.

“Then we would see who our next opponent would be, but I still think we have real hope of progress. I know the fans expect me to support her with some goals, but I’m ready for that. “

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