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PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB want to continue and talk about three major stumbling blocks

From left to right (Omtzigt (NSC), Yesilgöz (VVD), Wilders (PVV) and Van der Plas (NSC)

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The cabinet formation must start with discussions between PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB about three possible stumbling blocks. Only then does it make sense to negotiate. This advice will be included in the report of scout Ronald Plasterk, insiders told NOS.

The first conversation is about “rule of law”, in which the objections of NSC leader Pieter Omtzigt against certain parts of the PVV election program are discussed. According to him, these go against the Constitution and international treaties, such as a ban on Islamic education and a Nexit. VVD and BBB also want to talk about this.

A second possible stumbling block concerns the themes that the parties consider important: are the priorities not too far apart and can the parties agree on what should at least be on the negotiating agenda?

Regarding migration, for example, the four parties have already said that they consider it very important. It is unclear how this applies to livestock, regional hospitals or the pension system, for example. And can we talk about support for Ukraine and how new policies should be paid for, or does it end immediately?

The third tricky point is the shape of the cabinet. Will that be a business cabinet with a great distance from the House of Representatives, as NSC leader Omtzigt wants. Or will a tolerating cabinet be preferred, as VVD leader Yesilgöz wants. Or is cooperation only possible with a ‘traditional’ cabinet?

If the four parties can reach an agreement and have enough confidence in each other, negotiations can begin. That will probably take a few weeks. It then revolves around making a substantive and implementable coalition agreement.

It can also end at any time before then, for example if a stumbling block proves to be too big. Only at the very last moment – when everything is in stone – will there be an answer to the question of who will be the new Prime Minister.

Read the live blog about the formation here.

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