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PVD found three cases of salmonellosis-causing bacteria in poultry meat

In total, PVD submitted 92 reports to the EC Rapid Alert System on various findings in various food products in 2022, 100 reports in 2023, and 44 reports in the first months of this year on discrepancies discovered during official control in various food products.

In order to prevent salmonella-contaminated food products of Latvian origin from entering the market, PVD implements a strict zoonotic salmonella monitoring program in all Latvian poultry houses that participate in the food market. It includes both the laboratory control carried out by the poultry houses themselves within the framework of self-control, and the official control carried out by the service.

The service emphasizes that zoonotic salmonella is detected in Latvian poultry houses every year. In all cases, when they are detected, the infected poultry are culled, with subsequent cleaning and disinfection measures. In order for the renewed poultry flock not to be infected, the biosecurity of the sheds must be improved and scrupulously followed, and preventive vaccination of poultry against zoonotic salmonella is possible in Latvia.

PVD reminds consumers that various food contaminants, including salmonella, can only be detected in a laboratory, so the risk of contamination should always be kept in mind when cooking. To protect yourself from food-borne diseases, including salmonellosis, you must observe personal hygiene, strictly separate raw products from finished products not only in the refrigerator, but also during cooking, as well as products must be properly heat treated, properly boiled or baked, because salmonella bacteria die at high temperatures .

PVD is a state administrative institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, which carries out state supervision and control of the food circulation and veterinary medicine industry.

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