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“Putin’s Weakness Exposed: Russia Plans to Produce its Own Drones”

Russia wants to start producing its own drones – the weakness of Putin’s army could not be hidden.

Vladimir Putin admitted the helplessness of his army, giving the command to organize the production of drones directly in the Russian Federation.

Reportedly rosSMIthe Kremlin dictator hopes that the Russian Federation will be able to produce up to 18 thousand aircraft a year.

The President of the Russian Federation wants UAVs to be produced not only in Moscow, but also in other regions of the occupying country. Following Putin, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov also recognized Russia’s weakness, declaring the underdevelopment of the civil aviation infrastructure.

Representatives of the Russian authorities began to assert that the UAVs will be used in rescue operations, the educational process and in gas production. At the same time, Russian army units in Ukraine constantly complain about the lack of drones.

It is not worth expecting that the Russian army will soon have UAVs of its own production, because they plan to launch their production only until 2024. The Kremlin authorities want to allocate up to 200 billion rubles for the new project.

Recall, back on April 20, it was reported that the Russian army received new Shahed drones from Iran.

Earlier, on March 31, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry accused Iran of supporting terrorism.


Author: Pavel Prikhodko

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