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Putin’s Aggression: Oppression of Russian Speakers and the Threat to NATO

“I don’t think that happiness will come to the homes of those who pursue such a policy. Well, I don’t know how much now, but in Latvia, in my opinion, 40% of the Russian-speaking population was, probably still not small,” Putin said .

Under “such a policy,” Putin saw the so-called Russophobia, which, in his opinion, is present in Latvia.

“If they pursue such a policy towards people who wanted to live in that country, worked there, created some benefits for this country, and they are treated like a pig, then, in the end, they themselves will disgusting and will clash within their own country,” the dictator added.

Putin uses “oppression of Russian speakers” as a reason for aggression

Previously, the dictator repeatedly spoke about the alleged “oppression of Russian speakers in Ukraine” to justify his invasion. Putin also regularly talks about a similar “policy” in the Baltic countries, which some EU countries regard as a threat and possible preparation of the ground for an attack on NATO.

Recently, analysts at the German Society for Foreign Policy said it could take Russian dictator Vladimir Putin up to six years to rebuild his army and attack NATO.

Today, NATO Lieutenant General Jürgen-Joachim von Sandrart said that Russia is restoring its potential and preparing for a possible confrontation with the North Atlantic Alliance.

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