Pushkov praised Durov’s seven reasons not to move to Silicon Valley

MOSCOW, May 8 – RIA Novosti. Member of the Federation Council Alexey Pushkov appreciated the words of the creator of “VKontakte” and Telegram Pavel Durov about Silicon Valley.–

Durov previously commented on a blogger’s film Yuri Dudya about entrepreneurs and programmers who moved to San Francisco and its surroundings. In his view, Silicon Valley and USA – not the best place to live and work, this is an entrepreneur called seven reasons.–

Pushkov, in turn, said that there are other competitive states. He also called the United States “a tired, losing hegemon.”

Pavel Durov He cited a number of reasons why the US is not the best place to emigrate. He critically evaluated healthcare, secondary education and the level of programming. In the field of information technology, other countries successfully compete with the United States. Well, a tired hegemon is losing drive, “Pushkov tweeted.– .

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