Puan asks Pinjol’s boss to also be snared by law: not just the operator


Chairman of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Maharani provide support to the ranks of the Police who are firm in eradicating these practices illegal online loans (borrowing). He asked that the practice of borrowing which is very detrimental to the community be eradicated to the roots.

“I appreciate the steps taken by the National Police Chief and his staff to eradicate illegal online loans that have been causing problems for the community. The eradication of online loan sharks must continue to be intensified until there are no more screams from the people whose personal data is misused and intimidated,” said Puan, Saturday (10/16/2020). 2021).

Puan said that legal action for illegal borrowing must ensnare the owner or investor, even if the person concerned is a foreign citizen (foreigner).

“Actions should not stop at the operator or their workers, but must reach the boss or the owner. If it is only up to the operator, there will be no deterrent effect for the owners, and it is not impossible that they will re-open illegal loans by recruiting new workers,” he said.

The former Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture also appreciated the steps taken by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) who asked Kominfo and OJK to temporarily suspend new loan permits to minimize abuse through this digital application service.

Furthermore, Puan again invited the government to complete the Personal Data Protection Bill (PDP) in order to prevent the misuse of citizens’ personal data and punish the perpetrators even more severely. Because, so far, the perpetrators of illegal lending have only been charged with the Criminal Code, the ITE Law and the Consumer Protection Law.

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“With the existence of the PDP Law later, illegal loan sharks who misuse the personal data of citizens will be given more punishment, so that the punishment will be doubled,” said Puan.

Puan also encourages the government to continue to intensify digital literacy and financial literacy to the public in order to prevent debt bondage from borrowing practices, both illegal and not.

“If prevention and prosecution can go hand in hand, the community will be more protected from the snares of this digital loan shark,” said Puan.

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