PSG and Arsenal, determined to go for Eric Garcia

The last days or hours of the winter market may be full of surprises. The clubs accelerate to close their signings at the last minute since they know that if they do not do so now they will spend half a season without any, and as in almost all markets, many of the agreements are closed on the horn.


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This can be the case of Eric Garcia. The footballer does not want to renew with him Manchester City by Pep Guardiola and is determined to sign for Barça, but the lack of leadership in Ciudad Comdal and the indecision among the presidential candidates may mean that it does not come until this summer.

All the noise around Eric has raised the interest and attention of other clubs, who see that the player prefers to leave, the cost of signing him is affordable and Barça does not make any move.

Eric, along with Aubameyang, in a City match against PSG


Thus, according to Mirror, PSG and Arsenal do not throw in the towel and will make one last attempt to sign him before this Monday at 11:59 p.m.

With this move, teams would reinforce a highly sought after position in the market with a piece quoted at a low price, and they would snatch a much desired signing from one of their rivals, FC Barcelona.

What they do agree on is that, if they can’t dress him with their shield this winter, they will bid for him in summer, at the same time as Barça. Aware of Eric’s desire to return home, both Arsenal and PSG prepare succulent offers with the aim of convincing the player.

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