Prymil’s mistake could not be excused, Babiš told Deník after the meeting in Lány

You have proposed the dismissal of Minister of Health Roman Prymula, saying that people who should lead by example cannot break their own regulations. Are you trying to restore public confidence?
Perhaps this is a clear signal that everyone must abide by the rules, and if the minister breaks them, it is not possible to give him an exception. It was a mistake that could not be excused. The Minister of Health must lead by example. I am sorry because Professor Prymula is an expert and was the face of the fight against the epidemic during the first wave, but I could not tolerate this behavior.

Did President Miloš Zeman accept your arguments?
Yes. He may have doubts about my decision, but he accepted it. I forwarded to him a motion to dismiss Mr Prymula, along with a proposal to appoint his successor, which the President will accept on Tuesday. Hopefully his appointment will take place as soon as possible.

You can find more about the case of the Minister of Health Roman Prymula HERE

Is that an epidemiologist?
No, he is a doctor, a manager with extensive international experience.

In recent weeks, the government has committed many missteps, such as announcing and subsequently denying some steps. Do you have a strategy for how to address the public now so that covid can be tamed together?
It still shocks me that there are people among us who question the existence of covid-19, although the number of hospitalizations is growing enormously. Indeed, please ask everyone to limit personal contacts, because where there is no contact, there is no transmission. It is also necessary to wear drapes everywhere and put them on correctly. If we come together now and act responsibly like in the spring, we can do it. We have to do everything we can to have Christmas with open shops and restaurants, of course in compliance with the rules.

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When you talk about responsibility, will you come to the House after Christmas and ask for a vote of confidence?
I see no reason to ask for it. We are doing our best, and at this point, it is absolutely irresponsible to lay down a government, to go into uncertainty and chaos. I do not understand at all why the ODS came up with such a proposal, but no one prevents it from proposing a vote of no confidence.

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