Provincial rankings, published by school offices by the end of August. Substitute goal 14 September

When and where will the provincial rankings be published? A specific note from the Ministry gave indications. Recall that today the deadlines for submitting the application expire.

What the School Offices must do

It remains the responsibility of the Territorial School Offices to provide for the assessment and publication of the rankings with the timeliness, urgency and indifference required by an essential procedure for the correct start of the school year, to protect applicants, of educational institutions, of pupils.

Some school offices are already publishing the list of polo schools that will assist them in the evaluation of the applications for each competition class, so that the evaluation is homogeneous for the whole province.

End of August deadline for publishing provincial rankings

However, it is necessary – concludes the Head of Department – to take the end of August as the deadline for the conclusion of the evaluation activities and publication of the rankings.

For the evaluation activity, the School Office can use, within the province of reference, educational institutions which may be used.

The checks on the declarations presented will be up to the school manager of the school where the teacher enters the first contract.

The manager communicates the outcome of the verification to the School Office, which provides to enter the data in the national registry of teaching staff.

If the verification has failed, the teacher’s score must be corrected or the teacher must be excluded from the procedure if the verification concerns the qualification.

Substitutions by 14 September

In order for everything to go well, substitutions should be assigned by September 14th, the date set by the Ministry for the start of lessons for the 2020/21 school year.

Substitute rankings, Ministry reminder for those who have not yet submitted an application: deadline confirmed for 11.59 pm

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