Apex Legends trailer unveils Season 6 and Rampart, an all-new character

Trailer Apex Legends unveils Season 6 and Rampart, a brand new character

As usual, Apex Legends is doing things big, and unveils on the occasion of the arrival of its season 6, a brand new animated short film which dwells this time on the history of Rampart, the new heroine of this Battle Royale.

On the occasion of the arrival of Season 6 therefore, Apex Legends presents its brand new heroine: Rampart. Rampart is a seasoned fighter who never moves without Sheila, her overpowered Gatling turret.

As a reminder, Season 6 ofApex Legends will be called Boosted and will begin on August 18th. In addition to Rampart, it will offer brand new Holo-Sprays, new rankings and a brand new Battle Pass including, in particular, exclusive legendary skins.

By JeromeJoffard, Writing jeuxvideo.com


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