Protesters in Amsterdam demand solutions for housing crisis: ‘Slum landlords function elsewhere’

Opponents of the current housing policy have gathered in Amsterdam for the housing protest. They speak out against exploding house prices, rising rents in the private sector and the shortage of social housing.

The activists walk around with signs with texts such as ‘Houses for people, not for princes’ and ‘Landlords function elsewhere’. The participants also jointly chant slogans such as ‘people above the market’ and ‘Fuck the housing market’.

Demonstration moved to Westerpark

The protest started at 2 p.m. in Amsterdam’s Westerpark, from 4 p.m. the demonstrators walk to Dam Square. Earlier the intention was to hold the demonstration on Dam Square. Due to the expected crowds, it was decided in consultation with the municipality to move the demonstration.

A large number of organizations support the protest. Among them are left-wing parties, trade unions and environmental organizations.

The municipality of Amsterdam and the organization of the protest cannot yet say how many participants have gathered in the Westerpark. According to the director of the housing association, 10,000 people would be on the field.

Reporter Marc Hamer said around 3.30 pm on NPO Radio 1 that there are thousands of people in the park. “As far as I can see, there are people, but I cannot say the exact number. The message from those present at the housing protest is that the need is high and that the time for talking is over.”

One of the students present in the Westerpark says it took a long time to find a room. “Now I live on thirteen square meters and I pay 500 euros a month.”


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