Proof of Customers Not Just Being ‘Victims’ in Drama Pinjol


The government has stated that people do not need to pay for illegal online loans (pinjol) because they are not legal and do not meet the requirements. Even so, debt is still debt that must be repaid, especially if you borrow from an official loan registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Don’t be like Wawa (36), who has borrowed money from a number of legal and illegal loans since 2021 and almost all of them have not been paid. The nominal amount of money borrowed varies from Rp. 600,000 to Rp. 5 million.

“Lots of borrowing in tall, just no one gets paid. I used to pay, so I dug a hole and closed the hole. So (borrow) to close this application, pay again, click again, gradually more and more, it’s confusing for yourself how to do it, finally the only way is to decide not to pay,” said Wawa (not her real name) when talking to detikcom, Thursday (21/7/2022).



Wawa said that debt collectors often visited their homes from the legal loan application they used. In various ways he tried to dodge. Every now and then, the reason given is that they don’t have money and ask for more time to pay.

“If the legal person gets a warning letter. Even if he comes home, we have an alibi that he isn’t at home, says to the people at home, ‘Anyway, if someone looks for it, they say no’, if we find it, we say there is no (money),” he said. .

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For his non-payment of debts, Wawa admitted that he often received insults from borrowers, especially illegal ones. “You say dog, the thief you owe does not want to pay. Well, we’re just stupid, let’s just ignore it,” he added.

The trick is to avoid being chased by the manager tall, Wawa changed his mobile number (HP). Before that, he had already deleted his email and all phone numbers in his contacts so that no one could be contacted.

Even now, when he uses that number, many loan managers still contact him. How to avoid this, Wawa changes the HP settings where every unknown number makes a call, it is automatically blocked immediately.

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