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Promotion of joking relationships: Cascades, Hauts-Bassins and Sud-Ouest want to make it their hobbyhorse

A scoping workshop for the project to promote joking kinship between the populations of the Cascades, Hauts-Bassins and Southwest regions opened this Friday, May 12, 2023. It was in Bobo-Dioulasso at the Regional Council of Upper Basins.

The project essentially aims to promote joking relationships between the populations of three regions of Burkina, namely: the Cascades, the Hauts-Bassins and the South-West. Burkina is one of the countries where this cultural value is deeply rooted. Properly used, this value can resolve even the deepest crises. According to Colonel Jean Charles Somé, Governor of the Cascades and President of the Regional Special Delegation, “As soon as National Culture Week (SNC) ended, we came together again to reflect on a part of our culture that is joking relationships”. “We have always found that joking kinship has existed between ethnic groups and often between surnames. Unfortunately, this intangible cultural heritage is in decline. He is also little known to the new generation and even by some old ones”, said Governor Jean Charles Somé. To conclude, the president of the special regional delegation of the cascades specifies that: “The joking relationship needs to be valued. This is why it is time to act and allow it to position itself as a powerful vector of social cohesion”.

For Lamine Soulama, focal point of the project in the Hauts-Bassins, “Our country is going through difficult times. Since November 2022, the idea has been born in the Cascades to emphasize the joking relationship between the three regions”. “The project is drawn up on the basis of a need for 400 to 500 million for its implementation. And we are counting on funding from our communities and other partners,” he delivered.

Same story for Sandabar Dabiré, focal point of the project in the Cascades. The latter calls on everyone to reflect on the establishment of a possible joking kinship charter.

Ben Alassane DAO

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