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Prof. Radka Argirova: The peak of the fourth wave will be around October 10 – 2024-04-22 10:01:07

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The problem with the measures is their compliance and control, Prof. Argirova is emphatic

“Looking the symptomscaused by the Indian variant of the coronavirus – the so-called Delta optionthere is a serious absence of the symptoms from the previous one such as loss of smell and taste, the acute course, in this variant people are now infected more quickly, and the disease begins more often as flu-like – a little headache, a little cough, a mild fever, even the cough is not always there,” virologist Prof. Radka Argirova told BNR.

“Because of that, people don’t get tested and don’t go to the doctor, and that leads to even more spread.” Now how will we deal with the fourth wave – Prof. Angel Kunchev said it very clearly and precisely – this is indicated in the National Program, the problem is control on the implementation of the measures. The control should be emphasized – there is nothing to write about new measures – they are not implemented at all in our country.

In my opinion, with the children work should be done live as much as possible, not online. Children suffer from this isolation. But of course, as outlined in the plan of the Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Health, if the number of infected children increases, it will be completely online. But here too is the role of teachers and parents, how the measures will be observed”, said Prof. Argirova.

In her words vaccination coverage is very lowthis is due to crosstalk:

“And the other thing is that there are infected and vaccinated people – here I want to emphasize for the umpteenth time – the vaccine does not protect against infection, but protects against a severe course of the disease, from hospitalization and death, it protects against severe forms of the disease. It’s the same with the flu. At the sick ones – they should also be vaccinated, because the vaccine is a second booster after the disease and this strengthens the immune system even more.

according to me the peak of this wave will reach around October 10 – with a large number of infected, then there will be some decline. However, how we will deal with the unvaccinated elderly will be a very big problemProf. Argirova is emphatic.

Listen to the interview here:

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