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  • September 15, 2021

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  • Many lies were told in public. About the difficult situation in Alexandrovska Hospital is a well-made story of Minister Katsarov, who aims to hit me on the list of inconvenient to President Radev. I plan to file lawsuits. This was stated by the former Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin AngelovKostadin Angelov was born on June 7, 1977. He graduated from the Medical University in Sofia in 2004. in the show “Face to Face” on BTV.

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    Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) 26438

    According to him, at the end of 2020 the hospital has BGN 30 million in financial losses. “Which audit is he talking about? The audit that was done by the Ministry of Health, which the prosecutor’s office refused to check because it did not find any. The State Financial Inspection Agency also closed and again found no violations. The money is in the hospital. investments for BGN 40 million and BGN 20 million for equipment “, explained Prof. Angelov.

    “Minister Katsarov told a big lie about his wife, who works at Alexandrovska Hospital. This is an old dispute that I had forgotten. He called me and insisted on increasing her salary, threatening to have problems with the organization, which he heads the Center for the Protection of Healthcare Rights. She works at the Neurology Clinic. I did not insist on an increase in her salary. Two people are witnesses, “the former health minister explained.

    He showed evidence of his words. Reports on the growth of doctors’ salaries and the capital of the hospital.

    Katsarov made a report on his work, found serious shortcomings in health care

    “The audits they claim are paid for and ordered by the hospital. Some people don’t like the results and order audits so that they get the desired results,” said Prof. Angelov.

    “I have inherited a financial loss of BGN 30 million. This is not a financial result, but a depreciation expense. There is no risk of the hospital being bankrupt or closed. In 2013 we increased the capital of the hospital. Now we will rehabilitate the hospital by reducing beds and reducing Here is the big scheme, there is no free capacity of hospital beds in Sofia, when the beds in Alexandrovska Hospital are reduced, the capacity for a new private hospital in Sofia will be released and there is already a procedure for that, it is the hospital in Kazichene. Mr. Katsarov was at a private party with the owner of this hospital “, revealed prof. Kostadin AngelovKostadin AngelovKostadin Angelov was born on June 7, 1977. He graduated from the Medical University in Sofia in 2004..

    In 2013, the hospital’s equity was BGN 37 million, and at the end of 2020 it was BGN 71 million, ie 71,000 shares. These things are taken out only before elections, he explained.

    Stoycho KatsarovStoycho KatsarovDr. Stoycho Katsarov was born in 1964 in the town of Dupnitsa. He graduated in medicine in 1990. There is is lying. He lied about his wife, he lied that he was not in Pirogov, he lied to people. Vaccination is a failure. There is no Remdesivir, there is no oxygen, there is no overall organization, there are no COVID zones, there is nothing that has been done, “said Prof. Angelov.

    Everything on the topic:

    Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19)

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