“Probable” Covid-19 victims: New York corrects the number of deaths upwards

“Likely” Covid-19 victims
New York corrects the number of deaths upwards

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 7,900 people in New York have died as a result of coronavirus infection. The city itself is now massively correcting the death toll upwards – because it also includes “probable” cases.

In the corona pandemic in the metropolis of New York, significantly more people could have died than expected. The city on the US east coast added 3778 “probable” Covid-19 deaths to its statistics on the fatalities on Tuesday (local time).

This brings the total death toll in New York City to more than 10,000. The additional numbers include, among other things, sick people who died in the emergency room, at home or in a care facility, but did not officially test positive for the virus. According to media reports, local authorities attribute the assumption that the dead suffered from Covid-19 to their symptoms.

Mayor Bill de Blasio had reported a significant increase in the number of deaths of New York citizens in the apartments days ago. At first, however, it was unclear how the new, “probable” cases would be taken into account in international statistics.

The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore initially still counted significantly fewer than 10,000 for the city of New York with over 7,900 corona deaths. New York City is the epicenter of the corona crisis in the USA. Even if the curve of the infected had stabilized in the past few days, hundreds of people still die in the hospitals every day.


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