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Princess Kate’s Health Update: Speculation, Surgery, and Recovery Timeline

The Princess of Wales, Kate, wife of British Crown Prince William, has not appeared in public since Christmas, coinciding with her undergoing abdominal surgery and the recovery period that followed.

News about the 42-year-old princess and her health multiplied after Prince William apologized, on Tuesday, for attending the memorial service for his “spiritual father,” the late King Constantine of Greece, at Windsor Castle, “for unspecified personal reasons.”

The palace refused to provide any further details, according to Reuters, which quoted a royal source as saying that Princess Kate’s health was “improving.”

Prince William postponed his official duties to care for his wife and their three children after the surgery, before returning to resume his duties earlier this month.

According to a newspaper report The New York Times The American newspaper said that talk about the princess’s health condition prompted a source inside the palace to try to address the developments and “perhaps stop the rumours.” He told the American magazine “People” that the princess is “in good condition.”

For personal reasons.. Prince William will not attend the memorial service for his “spiritual father”

The office of the British Crown Prince, Prince William, announced on Tuesday that the prince had apologized for attending the memorial service for his “spiritual father”, the late King Constantine of Greece, at Windsor Castle for unspecified personal reasons.

The newspaper noted that her health condition, “about which little is known, has caused a lot of speculation, anxiety, and conspiracy theories.”

The newspaper reported that Kensington Palace’s statement about Princess Kate’s operation was a “puzzle to the public,” as it said it was abdominal surgery without specifying more than that, adding that this phrase “may refer to many things.”

The statement did not provide details about the Princess of Wales’s diagnosis, other than that her condition is “non-cancerous.”

According to the palace statement, the princess is recovering at her home after being released from the hospital, and is unlikely to return to her public duties until after Easter.

The New York Times also explained that the lack of information about Princess Kate caused speculation about her health condition. She touched on the allegations of Spanish journalist Concha Calleja, who said that a source within the royal family confirmed to her that the princess “suffered from serious complications after surgery, which required taking measures to save her life.”

In its statement about the surgery, Kensington Palace confirmed that “there will be no updates regarding the princess’s health condition except when there is new information.”

The palace also responded to the Spanish journalist’s allegations, describing them as “ridiculous and complete nonsense.”

This comes at a time when King Charles underwent treatment for an enlarged prostate, before Buckingham Palace announced earlier this month that subsequent tests revealed that he had a type of cancer.

With the King postponing his public duties due to his treatment and Kate not expected to return to her duties until after Easter, the greatest burden falls on the remaining members of the royal family, especially William and Camilla, to represent the royal presence in the public sphere, according to what Reuters reported.

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