Prince Charles turns out to have the same breakfast food every day

KOMPAS.comPrince Charles known as someone who is quite picky. Royal since birth, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip has always had the finer things in life and he loves to enjoy many things.

Even so, not all aspects of his life are always more “wow” than ordinary people. Charles did in fact have one menu breakfast favorite, and the menu is the same every day.

Along with tea and fruit, the Prince of Wales also loves a soft boiled egg breakfast.

“The eggs have to be boiled for exactly four minutes. There’s never been anything but the egg. I always simmer three pans, with different doneness minutes, just to be safe, “Charles’s former personal chef Mervyn Wycherley told The Guardian.

Reported CheatSheet, in the book “On Royalty”, Jeremy Paxman corroborates Wycherley’s story. Paxman wrote that because his staff were never sure whether the eggs were of the proper and satisfactory level of doneness, a series of eggs were cooked and laid out in a numerical order.

If the prince feels that the number five is too runny, he can knock the boiled egg number six or seven.

Never knowing when they would cook the perfect egg, the royal staff had to throw out dozens of eggs each morning to prepare Charles’s breakfast.

In 1995, former government household manager Wendy Berry wrote in “The Housekeeper’s Diary“, after hunting all day, Charles was usually invited to a fellow hunter’s house for tea.

However, he sometimes invited people he met on the field back to Highgrove (Charles’ residence) to pick up boiled eggs and whiskey.

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“If this happens, the detectives will call by cell to give us advance warning of the expected numbers.”

“He knew that Charles wanted his eggs to be cooked for a set amount of time and that Mervyn usually took several pans with him on the go to ensure that at least one was perfect. The other was thrown away,” Berry wrote.

Even so, the royal government has always denied this amount of food waste by saying that the story of many boiled eggs is not true.

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Meanwhile, although Charles liked his breakfast every morning, he never ate lunch.

It is also written in Sally Bedell Smith’s book entitled “Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life via USA Today“.

“She had a handful of wheat germ and cereal grains that were specially blended, with honey and preserved on a silver tray, a few pieces of fruit, and tea. She never ate lunch,” Smith said.

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