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Prince Charles Is Desperate to Slim Down the Royal Family to Avoid More Drama and Scandals, Expert Says

There have been a ton of changes in the British royal family as of late. As Queen Elizabeth has gotten older, Prince Charles and Prince William have stepped up to shoulder more responsibilities as they prepare for their time on the throne. However, things really began to shift for the royals in November 2019. Prince Andrew was removed from his royal duties following a scandalous BBC News Night interview where he defended his friendship with a late sex offender, Jefferey Epstein.

The royals were thrown into a tizzy once again in January 2020, when Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex announced that they would be resigning from their positions as senior working royals. The move was unprecedented and caused major confusion amongst the royals themselves, experts, and press.

Now, it looks like Prince Charles has a new vision for the future, one that will hopefully avoid scandals and chaos.

Prince Charles has a new vision for the British royal family

Though Prince Charles is liked well-enough, he certainly isn’t the most popular member of the British royal family. In fact, Prince William and Prince Harry’s presence has certainly helped the Prince of Wales’ image over the years.

Moving forward, Prince Charles wants a paired down royal family. The Prince of Wales, the queen, Prince William, and eventually, Prince George, will be the main representatives in the family.

Prince Charles and Prince William have also made an effort to be more lively and affectionate in public. ITV Royal Editor Camilla Tominey believes that this is in an effort to make the royal family appear “relatable” and “touchable” instead of “cut off and cold”. Tominey explained that the new warmth from the remaining senior royals is something they learned from the Sussexes.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are at risk of being overworked

With Prince Andrew out and the Sussexes’ exit, a great deal of the royal duties have fallen to the Cambridges. However, since they have a young family of their own, this could quickly get overwhelming. Prince Charles’ new paired down planned may also cause friction with other royals

“In addition to an increased workload for William and Kate, this would risk alienating hard-working members of the Royal Family, including Princess Anne,” Royal Central news editor Lydia Starbucks explained. “She does support such a huge range of charities and organisations and she gives them a much higher profile. The thing is, were she to be taken out of the royal rota, they would lose a big percentage of the engagements they carry out every year. We do tallies of all the times we’ve seen the royals through the year – and Anne is always top. There have been a couple of years when Charles just leapfrogged her by maybe two or three engagements but last year it was 518 engagements.”

Prince Charles wants to avoid more scandals and drama

Though it’s risky, a more streamlined royal family leaves room for a lot less drama.

“Many Royal Family fans were surprised to learn that Harry and Meghan Markle were withdrawing from royal life,” The Talko reported. “But the truth is that the number of active family members has been decreasing and that might not be a coincidence. Of course, this would increase the workload for those who remain but it would allow for less drama, less opportunity for scandals and create a more streamlined monarchy.”

Hopefully, Prince Charles and Prince William will be able to bring their vision for the future together.

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