Who is Giovannino di Tu si que vales 2021: his identity

Who is Giovannino di You are worth 2021, Sabrina Ferilli’s ‘favorite’ jammer? We’ve been wondering for months. It was to reveal his identity Fanpage. Under the blue makeup and the red cape in the style of Little Red Riding Hood he hid for months, making young and old laugh and becoming the idol of social networks, especially Twitter, Giovanni Iovino.

Who is Giovanni Iovino: the actor from Naples who worked for Ferzan Ozpetek and Matteo Garrone

Who is Giovanni Iovino? Twenty-six-year-old actor and stand-up comedian from Naples, Giovanni had fun in You are worth 2021 to make fun of Sabrina Ferilli. Despite his young age, however, he has already taken part in numerous theatrical performances and several very important films.

He starred in the third season of Gomorrah, but also in Veiled Naples from Ferzan Ozpetek and in Pinocchio from Matteo Garrone.

Who is Giovannino ?: here’s how to find the actor on social media

Giovanni or the mischievous Giovannino is up Instagram. His account can be found by searching @giovanni_is_giovannino. We already imagine that now his followers will grow out of all proportion. While on Tik Tok is known as: @jonnytokk.

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