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Priest shot in Lyon, suspect arrested | Abroad

The clergyman was shot twice while closing the church. He was seriously injured. The priest is said to have argued in the past with a man who attacked him at the time. It may therefore have been a personal settlement, French media report.

An investigation into murder has since been opened. The case is reportedly not considered an act of terrorism so far.

The man is said to have used a shotgun in the attack. The perpetrator fled after the incident, the police later arrested a suspect. But whether that is really the culprit is not yet clear. People were asked to stay away from the area surrounding the incident.

France is on edge after a series of terrorist acts by Muslim extremists. On Thursday, three people were killed with a knife in a Catholic church in Nice. Recently, a teacher, 47-year-old Samuel Paty, was beheaded for showing cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed in a class on freedom of speech.

According to the news website Actu17, the police in the French capital Paris may have thwarted another attack. A man with a large kitchen knife and a Koran could be arrested in the street.

The mother of the 20-year-old suspect had raised the alarm after her son said he wanted to commit an attack and had left the house. The police immediately started a big search. He was soon able to be arrested. The police are now investigating what the suspect actually intended.

French President Macron announced on Thursday that he will order 7,000 soldiers to protect places of worship and schools. In addition, seven thousand police officers have also been called in to ensure public safety from Monday.

Left The Netherlands thinks it protects the Muslim community by looking away from radical Islam. “A morbid fallacy,” says Wierd Duk in his latest podcast:

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