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Pricing without an appointment – DordtCentraal

REGION – As of this week, the GGD Zuid-Holland Zuid will start injections without an appointment. Everyone can just walk into the vaccination location in Gorinchem or Dordrecht for his or her first injection. The free walk-in for a first shot is open daily from 09.00-19.00 for the time being. (Archive photo: Thymen Stolk)

Now that most people have been vaccinated, there has been room to vaccinate everyone aged 12 and older without an appointment. You can opt for the Janssen or the Pfizer vaccine if you do not have an appointment. An exception to this applies to young people under the age of 18. They can only go to Pfizer. In this, the GGD Zuid-Holland Zuid follows the advice of the Health Council. Even if you come from another region, you are welcome for the injection without an appointment at the vaccination location in Dordrecht or Gorinchem. All you need is your face mask and ID.

First shot only

Injection without an appointment is only possible for people who come for their first injection and are therefore not yet vaccinated. After the first injection, an appointment is made for the second injection. The injection without an appointment is not intended for people who already have an appointment for a second injection. Anyone who wants to reschedule his or her appointment for the second injection must make a new appointment via the national site or the call center. This is not possible at the vaccination location.


In Dordrecht, the vaccination location will be located in the sports hall Oranje Wit at Nieuwe Noordpolderweg 5 until September. The GGD ZHZ is still working on a new location as of September. An application is being made for a space on the Amstelwijck business park. More info about pricking without an appointment is here to find.

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