Prices of used Suzuki Thunder 250cc 2000-2004, starting at IDR 20 million

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illustration of Suzuki Thunder 250 Used – Suzuki Thunder 250 officially discontinued production since 2005.

In fact, many of these motorbikes are still chasing it.

First produced in 1999, carrying a 250 cc SOHC single cylinder engine with two exhaust headers, this motorbike looks quite muscular and has a ‘moge look’.

So, how much is the current market price?

“Anyway, as long as the conditions are still original, without modification, the price is still high,” Yayat, owner of the Ken Motor Cipondoh Tangerang dealer told (18/10/2020).

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Interestingly, the Suzuki Thunder 250 is even still at a price of IDR 30 million.

“For the price, the standard condition is yes, but the average figure is Rp. 20 million,” said Yayat.

“The output in 2004, only 900 kilometers, the last price is Rp. 31 million,” he added.

Besides the condition of the motorbike, it turns out that the color also affects the selling price

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“The rare color Suzuki Thunder 250 is purple. This can increase the selling price too. But only for the original purple color of the manufacturer. Not the result of repaint,” concluded Yayat.

The following is a price list for the Suzuki Thunder 250 2000-2004 which we have successfully summarized from the merchant used motorcycles Tangerang area:

Type Year Price
Thunder 250 2000 IDR 21 million
Thunder 250 2001 IDR 22.3 million
Thunder 250 2002 IDR 25 million
Thunder 250 2003 IDR 27 million
Thunder 250 2004 IDR 31 million


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