Prices of Residential Lands in Riyadh 30 Years Ago: The Golden Period

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The pioneers of the social networking site “Twitter” circulated a picture since the eighties, documenting the prices of residential lands in the neighborhoods of the city of Riyadh about 30 years ago.

Neighborhood prices

The image of the advertisement showed the prices of residential neighborhoods in northern Riyadh, which range according to nature, streets, facades, and the type of movement through buying and selling, “continuous, medium, and few,” which does not exceed 1,200 riyals per meter.

And it included, the price per square meter in Al-Ghadeer neighborhood ranges between “550 to 800” riyals per square meter, Al-Nakhil neighborhood ranges from “700 to 1200” riyals per square metre, and Al-Morouj neighborhood ranges from “650 to 800” riyals per square metre.

Interact on social media

The price per square meter in Al-Aqiq Al-Mousa neighborhood ranges between “350 to 600” riyals per square meter, Al-Sahafa neighborhood ranges from “200 to 650” riyals per square meter, Al-Qairawan neighborhood ranges between “70 to 170” riyals per square meter, and the Sulaymaniyah neighborhood ranges between “70 and 170” riyals per square meter. “800 to 1100” riyals per meter.

The picture sparked a state of interaction on social media, and she tweeted: “Ah, the golden period,” and a tweet said: “We are gone.”

A tweet added: “My father is ten lands, including that time. Then I was distributing money to people.” She tweeted, “May God forgive our ancestors.”

Other tweeters laughed: “The price of an egg dish in Saudi Arabia previously was 7 riyals. This is what happened.”

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