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Written by Sayed Al-Khalafawy

Sunday, December 10, 2023 12:00 AM

The railway is witnessing a high demand for reservations Sleeping trains During these days on the occasion of New Year’s Day, the demand for booking this type of train continues until the end of this month.

Prices for sleeper trains by railway:

For Egyptians:

850 pounds for the double cabin, and 1250 pounds for the single cabin.


$90 for a double cabin, and $130 for a single cabin.

How to book

1- Sleeper trains stop at the main stations only.

2- Seats are reserved from the sleeper ticket reservation offices located in the main stations.

3- It can also be booked online via the website of the National Sleeping Car Management Company, affiliated with the Railway Authority.

4- The reservation is made using the national ID card.

5- In the case of booking a double cabin for both sexes, a marriage certificate or first-degree kinship is required.

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