PRESIDENTIAL: For Marc Fesneau, the dynamic around Emmanuel Macron is “solid”

Before his ministerial visit to Dijon and Côte-d’Or this Friday, January 21, the vice-president of the Democratic Movement defended a solid presidential majority in the health crisis. A majority that knows how to combine adaptability and enlargement according to the minister responsible for relations with Parliament.

Before an exhaustive day this Friday, January 21, 2022 on the theme of France Relance, more precisely to meet structures that have benefited from aid within the framework of this plan, Marc Fesneau wished to “reserve a time for the militants” of the MoDem of which he is vice-president. He thus met them at the Brasserie des Loges place du Théâtre in Dijon, Thursday January 20 at the end of the day.
It was following this meeting that a press briefing was held. Starting by discussing the local health context.

Highlighting “a vaccination rate of 95% in France, one of the countries with the highest rate of vaccinated people in the world”, Marc Fesneau highlighted “a paradox”, the finding of the increase in Covid cases in at the same time as the feeling that “we are going towards the end of the epidemic”, without however forgetting that “sectors are still in difficulty”.

“A presidential majority that has faced and faced all the events”

In this situation, Marc Fesneau has defended the results of the presidential majority since the start of the health crisis. “If you are not mobile in this crisis, you are dead. We have been present everywhere. We were able to plan and adapt,” he said.

According to the Minister, the France Relance plan has made it possible to support and overcome difficulties in areas such as the digitization of shops, teleworking but also the maintenance of services far from major urban centers.

Marc Fesneau speaks in the name of “a presidential majority which has faced and faced all the events”. And the policy pursued is, according to him, a pledge of insurance to convince as the deadline for the presidential election approaches next April.
To support this, the vice-president of the MoDem spoke of “those who assume things” unlike political opponents: “In today’s debate, it is difficult to see who thinks what”. For the member of the presidential majority in any case, it is “at the rendezvous of promises” and does not hide.

Don’t be mistaken urgently

In parallel with the presidential election, Marc Fesneau hopes that the health context will be much less harsh. The formalization of Emmanuel Macron’s candidacy for a second term as President of the Republic is only a matter of time. “There is no urgency. He will choose his own time and form to announce it, ”reacted Senator LREM from Côte-d’Or François Patriat. The urgency is to “continue to take measures to manage this crisis and get out of the epidemic,” continued Marc Fesneau, sweeping away criticism that the presidential majority is campaigning with a checkbook.
“We must accept that there are outgoing, sorry for having won in 2017”, replied the minister to the attacks. By tackling the opponents: “I see people who make proposals as if they had already lost. They are in the caricature, they are not clear and increase the abstention”. François Patriat wondered “why in this case Anne Hidalgo did not resign from the town hall of Paris as soon as she entered the campaign? The same goes for Valérie Pecresse at the Region”.

According to the minister, the presidential majority embodies pragmatism and sincerity, because the French “above all need to be told the truth”.

“If it can be spoken to the right and to the left, it is because space is solid”

At the table of representatives of the various components of the presidential majority this Thursday, January 20, 2022, we could therefore note the presence, alongside the minister, of François Deseille, departmental president of the MoDem, François Patriat, LREM senator from Côte-d’Or , Didier Martin and Didier Paris, LREM deputy for Côte-d’Or, Maria-Paz Fave-Usach, LREM departmental reference in Côte-d’Or, Jean-Philippe Morel, president of the Radical Movement of Côte-d’Or, but also Claire Vuillemin for the Horizons party.

The political formation initiated by former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is indeed a new component of the majority compared to 2017. The vice-president of the MoDem takes it as one more force and not a competing force in the alliance with La Republic on the Move. Marc Fesneau said it in any case: “When you fear the arrival of other people, it is because you are not solid. And I feel like a MoDem enough not to have to claim it every day. Our Movement remains an important force. And then 2022 is not 2027”.
In essence, Marc Fesneau made a point of insisting that, in the immediate future, the question does not arise at all like a cake to be distributed, but that what is at stake is “an election to be won”.

Former supporter of the PS who has become an active member of LREM, François Patriat supported and completed these statements: “We are for overcoming and enlargement”. By assuring: “It is finished the braggadocio of the regional elections. I feel people on the left telling me, certainly with their heads down and in half-words, that we can work together.

“If today it can be spoken to the right and to the left, it is because the space is solid. And in times of storm like now, you need a strong captain. The interest has never been to kill the right and the left, but to ensure that they talk to each other. For the minister, delegate to the Prime Minister, in charge of relations with Parliament since 2018, it is this situation that the presidential majority embodies and energizes.

Alix Berthier
Photo: Alix Berthier

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