‘President of Taiwan’ warns NACC not to panic COVID-infected in 8 months

23 December 2020


“President of Taiwan” warns people not to panic. After finding a person infected with COVID-19 Before returning to the country And a new infected person in 8 months

Ms. Tsai Ing Wen President of Taiwan Has called on the public not to panic After the Ministry of Health.Taiwan Confirmation of COVID-19 cases The first in the country in more than 8 months or since April 12 the past.

“The infected person is confirmed to have the source of infection. Therefore, please do not panic too much, ”said Nang Cai.

The Health Minister of Taiwan said yesterday thatInfectiousThe 30-year-old woman with a close contact with a New Zealand pilot between Dec 7-12, was an employee of Taiwan’s EVA Airways and was infected with COVID. 19 Abroad before coming to Taiwan

The report also states that The Taiwanese woman is an employee of a Quanta Computer Inc subsidiary, and Quanta announced stricter measures to control the outbreak as soon as the employee was infected.

governmentTaiwanCriticized New Zealand pilots The pilot said he did not report any history of contact with the people and places he had visited, and the pilot was also not wearing a legal face mask.

News of finding someone infectedCOVID-19 The last time has caused a lot of dissatisfaction to the people of Taiwan. A Taiwanese television station condemned the New Zealand pilot as a public enemy.

Previously, Taiwan was free.Infected personCOVID-19 for more than eight months has set the record for COVID-19 infection. Within the longest country in the world But finding someone infected with COVID-19 In Taiwan, this time reflects that Viruses can still come back and spread. Even in areas where control is successfulEpidemicAnd then


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