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President Jokowi Reveals Progress on Issuing 110 Million Land Certificates in Indonesia


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) revealed that so far the government has issued 110 million people’s land certificates. Now there are around 16 million remaining that are still being sought.

“To date, there are 110 million certified lands throughout Indonesia, there is only a little more left,” said Jokowi in Grobogan, Central Java, as broadcast on the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube account, Tuesday (23/1/2024).

Jokowi calculated that if there was no COVID, this people’s land certificate would have been completed. However, it has been postponed and is targeted for completion next year.

“My calculations are, if there was no COVID, COVID would be 2 years, if there were no COVID, it would be 126 million. But there is COVID welldefeated little, next year mpun (it’s) finished,” said Jokowi.

Jokowi hopes that this land certificate will be completed according to target. That way, there will be no more land disputes.

“The new order will be completed next year, so there will be no more disputes,” he said.

Jokowi previously said that he often encountered cases of land disputes when visiting villages. After inspection, Jokowi noted that there were 126 million people’s land certificates that had to be issued. However, the process of making certificates at that time was slow because BPN was only able to issue 500 thousand per year.

“After I checked, it turns out that there should be 126 million certificates throughout Indonesia. But every year BPN is only able to make 500 thousand certificates. In 2015, only 46 million people held certificates, so the remaining 80 million still don’t have certificates. In one year, BPN was only able to “You can produce 500 thousand. If you calculate it, if you want to get a certificate it will take 160 years. (A total of) 126 million is 160 years,” said Jokowi.

Therefore, Jokowi is pushing for the acceleration of people’s land certification. Jokowi said that currently the issuance of people’s land certificates could reach more than 10 million per year.

“Therefore, in 2015 I ordered the Minister of BPN, this cannot continue, it cannot be 500 thousand per year and I asked for 5 million per year but it can be done. (In) 2016 I asked for 7 million, now it is more than 10 million per year, ” he said.


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