Preparing Your Body to Protect Against Viruses and Bacteria: Tips from Nutritionist Luminita Catană

The Arada nutritionist Luminita Catană talks to Adevărul about how to prepare our body to protect us from the wave of viruses, germs and bacteria.

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She says that the cold season makes its presence felt and, like nature, it is important to prepare for this time, following a few rules. A body with a well-tuned immune system is equipped to face the wave of viruses, bacteria and germs that come with this season. Respiratory diseases come from small to large with different manifestations – sometimes a red and inflamed throat, a stuffy or on the contrary a constantly running nose, headaches, sneezing, coughing and sometimes fever.

“Influenza viruses are transmitted more quickly. The onset of a flu is sudden, with high fever – 38.5-40 degrees Celsius, headache, accompanied by chills, altered general condition, dry cough, which can last up to 4 weeks from the onset, even if all other signs disappear The nose runs, the body is numb, there are quite intense muscle pains. In virosis, the onset is slower, gradual. The fever is below 39 degrees Celsius, the cough is of shorter duration, from a few days to a week, sneezing is frequent, there is also red in the throat”, says Luminița Catană.

The nutritionist points out that flus are usually more severe, and viruses have milder forms. Of course, depending on the age group, immune system, these conditions can sometimes become complicated, therefore, especially in these situations, it is important to see a doctor.

“Although we live in times when, paradoxically, doctors ask you to stay isolated at home if you have a cold, especially in the case of bronchial asthma it is important to consult a doctor. Antibiotics are given only in medical indications and complications, but natural remedies have always been of great value and of great help in such situations. Over time, moms become true masters of sore nipples and colds. Appropriate clothing that protects us from the cold and wind, the right diet, rich in fiber and nutrients, the application of natural remedies, quality supplements are the main ingredients in the prevention and prophylaxis of seasonal ailments. Correct and effective hydration and here I would also like to mention the teas, which are a treasure at this time of the year, and not only that, Liposomal Vitamin C administered regularly, but especially when we are already sick, Zinc supplements, Vitamin A, a level optimal vitamin D, vitamin and mineral complexes are top prevention”, adds the nutritionist from Arada.

Teas, in the top

She says that a top place is occupied by teas such as linden, thyme, mint, chamomile, sage, basil, various blends.

Infusions or made simply, enriched with pieces of aromatic fruit or with honey are excellent remedies and pampering for the body.

“As a phytotherapist, I have created two fine strong teas for this season – immunoplus and cough tea, gentle but effective mixtures, loved by children and adults alike. Elderflower tea supports sweating and helps eliminate toxins, elder also has antiviral properties and relieves flu and viruses. Lime reduces fever and relieves cough, and olive leaf extract is a good ally for recovery. Bee products are very expensive, starting with honey, pollen taken daily in the morning a teaspoon each, propolis tincture – excellent for red throat, royal jelly, fluffy honeycombs and everything related to bees. They support immunity, help in illness and in convalescence and recovery”, confesses Luminita.

Compresses with raw potato, cut into thin slices, are also used and applied around the neck and over a small cotton scarf, which should be kept for about 30 minutes. This is done 3 times a day. Reduces sore throat, soothes and calms. Compresses with onion slices applied to the soles and changed every few hours are also helpful.

“Of course, essential oils have brought great help in these situations and in the top oils we have the essential oils of mint, eucalyptus, lavender, thyme, oregano, basil, cedar wood, rosemary, Siberian fir, various mixtures that help the body tremendously. Frankincense is also a beneficial essence. Diffused, applied topically, and sometimes administered internally through authorized recommendations, the oils have extremely beneficial potential. Baths with Epson salt and essential oils and coarse salt also bring well-being and faster recovery. Inhalations, light food, careful care bring healing closer. And yes, you need rest, prayer, silence, an airy room, a bed always changed and clean, a good book, a treat when you can, a hot chocolate and relaxing music, a state of peace for recovery. It is a moment of respite for the body and we must allow time for healing”, says nutritionist Luminița Catană.

As advice, he adds that life must be cherished and it is good to give up abusive habits, both eating and smoking, abusive consumption of alcohol or other substances, concentrated juices, sugar, semi-prepared products and full of additives. It recommends daily exercise and sufficient rest.

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