Premier League still has no plan for two weeks despite high COVID-19 cases

football English Premier League It has confirmed that the English League will still have no plans to take a 2-week break to stop the infection. That is a serious epidemic in England in any way.
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The match between Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham was postponed after the away team was infected with COVID-19. Add to multiple teams And Fulham submitted a request to postpone the game. The postponement is the second Premier League game of the week that cannot be played in the original program. After the game between Everton and Manchester City on 28 Dec had to postpone the player. And staff The “blue sail” was found to have increased COVID-19 infection, the latest report said. Manchester City players have not had additional infections from the previous three.

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“The competition of the Fulham team At Tottenham’s pitch, the Hotspur, scheduled to compete at 6pm, was postponed at Fulham’s request and the Premier League has been considering a new program due to today’s infection rates. COVID-19 is on the rise and many players showing Premier League signs work closely with experts. The postponement of the game is to be prevented and is the health of the players and staff first. Premier League way There was never talk of a mid-season break. And there are no plans to do so. League competition will continue in accordance with the COVID-19 Prevention Section.


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