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Premier League︱Gopp denies switching to Real Madrid and promises to advance and retreat with Liverpool (21:41)-20230213-Sports-Instant News

Live broadcast of Liverpool vs. Everton now611/621 at 04:00 on Tuesday morning

Real Madrid coach Anzalotti’s contract expires next summer. Although “Fat An” has denied taking over the Brazilian national team this summer, it is also reported that “Galaxy Fleet” intends to invite Gao Pu to take over next season or next summer. But Gao Pu responded: “I won’t go too long. I still have too many responsibilities in Liverpool to solve the problem. I want to lead the team out of this difficult period, get back on track and reach the peak.” Liverpool stepped into 1 In the past four Premier League games with 1 and 3 losses in the past month, they are currently ranked 10th in the league, 12 points behind Newcastle, which is ranked 4th by playing two more games, and have failed to defend their title in the FA Cup and League Cup. They will be out next Wednesday Real Madrid at home in the first leg of the Europa League round of 16. “The Times” reported that the Red Army management has prepared funds for Gao Pu to rebuild the lineup this summer. The number one target is Dortmund midfielder Judy Binningham. However, if the Red Army fails to win the Europa League next season, it will affect this The England international wants to join.

Liverpool face city rivals Everton at Yan Fei Road Stadium tomorrow morning, and co-star in the Merseyside Derby. The “fat” new coach Dai Zhi defeated the top team Arsenal 1-0 in the last game. Dai Zhi said that he will not sympathize with Gao Pu’s situation this season. He believes that the Red Army still has many outstanding players and can turn the situation around at any time. . In addition, John Brooks, who was originally scheduled to serve as the video referee (VAR) ball certificate in this battle, misjudged the former left gate Pewas Estubilon because he “drawn the wrong line” when he was a guest against Crystal Palace in the last round. The half-time goal was offside, the Premier League will confirm that the opponent will not play in Merseyside, and Arsenal’s home game against Manchester City in Thursday’s make-up match will be enforced by VAR. Marina took the place.

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