Djokovic hits the ball for the line referee and is disqualified from the “US Open” – Tennis

Djokovic was in the first set of the fourth round or eighth final with 5-6 against Spaniard Pavlo Carenjo-Bust and lost his temper after a lost point. The tennis player hit the ball with a racket, which hit the referee on the neck.

Djokovic was disqualified for his actions, so Karenjo-Busta, number 27, who was placed number 20, advanced to the next round.

The Serbian tennis player had won all 26 games this season. Djokovic has won three of his 17 “Grand Slam” titles in the United States. Last year, he stopped in the fourth round due to an injury.

Carenjo-Bust, on the other hand, is the most successful of the Grand Slam tournaments, as in 2017 he reached the semifinals in New York.

Due to an injury, the experienced Swiss Roger Federer does not start in the prestigious tournament, but the Spaniard Rafael Nadal, who triumphed at the US Open last year, also withdrew.

New York was one of the worst-hit U.S. cities in March and April, when the Covid-19 epidemic took over the United States. The temporary hospital was even set up on the indoor courts of the US Tennis Center.


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