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Pregnant and dangerous she carried an arsenal in her car

* The young woman threatened police officers, assuring that she belonged to a criminal group; with intelligence work she was secured and sent to prison

mayo 8, 2021 by Drafting

Municipal police arrested a pregnant woman at night for an infraction of traffic regulations, but she identified herself as a Matehuala City Council official, but since the uniformed men were going to check the car, she took out a gun and threatened her, it was said. She was a member of an organized crime group, but she was finally subdued, she also brought a weapon, drugs and cartridges.

The events occurred when agents of the Public Security and Municipal Transit Directorate, as it was announced, that on the Lázaro Cárdenas Boulevard, at the height of the Río Valles 1 bridge, they arrested Ana Laura N., 24 years old. , originally from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, but with a provisional address in Matehuala.


The young woman, who is pregnant, was speeding a Chevrolet vehicle, of the Aveo line, gray, with Nuevo León plates, that is why they stopped her, and she stopped, and showed an identification that shows as an official of the Matehuala City Council, mentioning that she was in a hurry, that’s why she was going at that speed.

The policemen asked him to show the documents of the car, it was then that he allegedly took a handgun from his bag, with which he pointed at the policemen, telling them that he belonged to a criminal cell and to stand aside.

The uniformed men, with defense techniques and managed to disarm the woman, who was immediately searched, and found 13 bags containing glass, in addition, inside the car there were three chargers for long weapon Ak-47 or goat horn, and military clothing. . That is why she was brought before the State Attorney General’s Office.

Shortly after, on social networks, a person was asking for help to locate this woman, arguing that she had been “disappeared” by the municipal police, but it was later clarified that she was actually detained.

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