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Predictions of Large-Scale Reshuffle in Democratic Party of Korea Ahead of General Election: Lee Jae-myeong’s Comeback Sparks Speculation

Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, is meeting with floor leader Hong Ik-pyo at Green Hospital in Jungnang-gu, Seoul on the 28th. /Democratic Party of Korea

With Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, making a dramatic comeback at the crossroads of imprisonment, there are predictions both inside and outside the party that a large-scale reshuffle will take place ahead of next year’s general election. This means that the leadership, which has become a completely pro-Myung system, can begin a full-fledged innovation drive under the slogan of ‘replacing vested interests.’ Some say that floor leader Hong Ik-pyo, who chose a difficult path instead of his own constituency, will be at the center of the ‘replacement of multiple-elected lawmakers.’

Once Representative Lee completes his hospitalization and returns to his party duties, the Democratic Party plans to focus all its efforts on the Gangseo-gu mayor by-election on the 11th and then begin preparations for the general election to be held in April next year. The leadership believes that a significant part of winning the general election lies in nomination. If the Democratic Party shows signs of letting go of its vested interests, such as by declaring ‘a rough ride for the middle class’ and ‘resignation in 1986’ before the People Power Party, it can gain an advantage in the general election.

A pro-Myung faction lawmaker said, “It is not true that he should step down because it is a multiple election and that a political newcomer is doing well, but the prevailing opinion among supporters is that the Democratic Party did not do well even after winning 180 seats in the 21st National Assembly.” He added, “It will attract not only supporters but also moderates. “If so, the argument for replacing the incumbent will naturally gain strength,” he said. The Democratic National Innovation Council, a pro-Myeong faction outside the National Assembly, also claims that 50% of incumbent lawmakers and 75% of elected lawmakers need to be replaced.

On the morning of the 28th, when the official campaign period for the Gangseo-gu mayor by-election began, party leaders, including Democratic Party floor leader Hong Ik-pyo and candidate Jin Kyo-hoon, pledged to win at the inauguration ceremony of the election committee for Jin Kyo-hoon, the Democratic Party’s Gangseo-gu mayor candidate, held near Hwagok Station in Gangseo-gu, Seoul. From the left, Park Chan-dae, Supreme Council member Ko Min-jung, candidate Jin Kyo-hoon, floor leader Hong Ik-pyo, Seo Young-kyo, and Supreme Council member Jang Gyeong-tae. /News 1

In this atmosphere, some in the party believe that floor leader Hong, who was elected as the new floor leader, will play a role in replacing multiple-term lawmakers. Floor leader Hong ran for a third term after being elected in the Seongdong region of Seoul during the 19th general election in 2012. However, in June of last year, he suddenly volunteered for the position of Seocho-eul district chairman, saying he would run for Seocho-gu, Seoul, a difficult area for the Democratic Party. He became a hot topic because he was the first among the 21st active members of the National Assembly to declare a difficult decision.

Since Floor Leader Hong became the leader of the National Assembly ahead of the general election, there is sufficient justification to demand sacrifice from other multi-term lawmakers. It is said that some first-time pro-Myung faction lawmakers highly evaluated this aspect of floor leader Hong in this floor leader election. One first-term lawmaker said, “If influential lawmakers, led by floor leader Hong, declare their candidacy for Gangnam and form a ‘Gangnam belt’ in the general election, it will be of great help in winning over centrist public sentiment.”

However, there are concerns that the non-community community will only use the justification of ‘replacement of vested interests’ and that it will ultimately end up weeding out the non-community groups. The pro-Myeong faction is already predicting a purge of the lawmakers who voted for the motion to arrest Representative Lee, saying, “We will definitely receive compensation on credit” (Supreme Councilor Jeong Cheong-rae). A non-partisan lawmaker said, “If you are going to give nominations to so many pro-Myung faction members, isn’t it a natural step to vacate the active positions? If you force sacrifices for a specific faction, it could lead to a split party situation.”

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