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“Praew” delighted to feed back the audience Series Nao set ‘BLACKOUT, the secret bar there is no in the world’

“Praew” hits the audience’s feedback “Excited – Excited – Confused – Breathless” new experience from watching the new series, set ‘BLACKOUT, a secret bar in the world’, invites to enter a secret bar to find the real villain. Oh today !!

It was a landslide overnight. For the vertical series “BLACKOUT No secret bar in the world That gave the audience a full hope Excited, paranoid, short of breath With perspective design The camera angle that makes it possible to see the events next to it is not complete, so it makes me wonder what happened !! Add to the curiosity of the “Long Take” shooting technique that must be followed by the drama that has to be traversed from the secret bar from start to finish. It is a new viewing experience in vertical series. The more narrow, the more inviting. Makes people look up !! Itchy hand wants to find out who exactly is the real villain. This work, director Ping-Kriengkrai Wachirathamporn Producer with director position, NET – ATISKITSUPHAISAN A new generation of directors Again, I repeat that “One screen can be viewed. You can watch one episode at a time, and when EP 2-3-4 comes together, it will be even more fun later. If anyone has headphones, it will add more enjoyment in viewing. Because the sound and score team are designed in great detail “

Praew – Naruporn Kamolchaisang Said “After the BLACKOUT series No secret bar in the world On air at first Praew, read everyone’s feedback. I feel very happy and grateful. That many people see the dedication of us, the cast and all the staff There was one tweet that said Besides opening up the vertical series viewing experience, it is very nice to use the Long Take technique which is accompanied by the talent of the actors who have to play continuously. Directing images played with vertical space. Including the design of the bar area It’s not a bar It’s a labyrinth !!! Another comment said that both Long Take and Nao set to look forward to continue to win. Is not seeing the other side, is real hope, giving a feeling of suffocation, feeling like not watching the series Like myself in the game, I like the Long Take. Like this, it is a good continuous emotion. Made out very well The finished look in his head was full of doubt. Okay, what is the story that happened in Eden, what is the event before the picture is cut? Can’t wait to see EP2-4 and think that you can watch all 4 episodes together Should see the whole picture for sure. Personally, I would like to thank you for every feedback. And would like to invite everyone to follow the next episode because even the characters’ events Will happen at the same time Same place But the feelings are not the same in each EP, people will see the details of new information in case anyone wants to put it together. To find out the truth of what happened in this secret bar And there are also views of the other 3 actors V-Viola, Captain-Chonlathorn and Ob-Obnithi to follow and solve the mystery. “

Prepare to watch “BLACKOUT No secret bar in the world Vertical series by “Nadao Bangkok” and “AIS PLAY” A series of 8 episodes Watch The first 4 episodes continue 1-4 February this time 20:00 #AISPLAY only Watch for free! Through AIS PLAY all channels, both the AIS PLAY application, AIS PLAYBOX, the website https://aisplay.ais.co.th, APPLE TV and Samsung Smart TV.

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