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The National Council has given a mandate for this

The National Council of “Continuing Change” has given a mandate to start negotiations for a new government. On Tuesday, consultations will be held with the DB and BSP, as well as with independent deputies, the party said.

The National Council envisages negotiations to be conducted on the basis of a clear program and commitments. Kiril Petkov, Asen Vassilev, Nikola Minchev and Andrey Gyurov will take part in them on behalf of the PP.

Parvan Simeonov for the fall of the cabinet: PP won two bonuses from this

Upon agreement, a cabinet composition and an action plan are proposed in the form of a public invitation to all deputies in the National Assembly, with the aim of forming a majority of 121 MPs.

“We are obliged to do everything possible to form a government, taking into account the wishes of the majority of Bulgarian citizens. Especially in the current situation, in which it would not be responsible to leave the state without a full-blooded cabinet or at least to try to form one “, commented Andrey Gyurov, chairman of the parliamentary group of the PP.


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