Ten games of suspension: huge fight in baseball in the USA (VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners did not lead by example in their last duel of the three-game series on Sunday.

A huge fight broke out after Andrew Wantz was hit by a pitch.

The MLB was quick to sanction this sad spectacle: several sanctions have already been issued. Phil Nevin, leader of the Angels, inherits the heaviest: ten games.

Jesse Winker (Mariners) is suspended seven games against three for Andrew Wantz. Others received five-game suspensions. “The only thing I’m going to apologize for is scaring the fans away”Winker said. “That’s it. As fans, they spend their hard-earned money to come see us play a game, and they didn’t deserve that, so I apologize to the fans, especially women and children. “

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