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Post’s story carries bodily signs that Nicole Saba published and the secret of his deletion after the discontent of her followers

Aroused Lebanese actress Nicole Saba, During the past hours, a state of controversy and confusion on social networking sites, because of his blogging and a photo she posted on her personal account on Instagram, because of the sexual implication in the photo that does not bear the interpretation.

The beginning was with the publication of Nicole Saba, a picture of a lion and the lioness of the “female lion” in sexual intercourse, and wrote in her commentary on the image that had more than 22 thousand likes, “Oh! Yes we did it”That is, “We did it,” and that blog post was shocking to Instagram’s 1.5 million followers of the Lebanese artist, and following the angry comments of that picture, Nicole had to permanently delete it.

Nicole Saba stirs up controversy with sexual inspiration

While a state of anger and satire at the same time prevailed over the image published by Nicole Saba, media reports indicated that the Lebanese artist was willing to announce through this photo about her pregnancy in her second child, as it is known that the Lebanese artist Nicole Saba is married to her citizen Youssef Al-Khal, And they have a single daughter named Nicole.

Regarding the reactions on the social media platforms, Mohamed Said said in his comment with an exclamation Emotion, “Nicole Saba is on Instagram, the image of this image and a writer under it (we have done it)”, and Suhaib added: “Mounih, you are pregnant … I went to Bali for another time explicitly +18” And while Eli Merheb said: “And here we are, by 2020, we announce that the woman is pregnant .. I, heck, tried to filter the intention and think of it, but it is not like the Post Benzel .. Nicole Saya .. Youssef Al-Khal”, as he wondered, Muhammad Ali Rashdan, “It is Post Nicole Saba on Instagram is normal, “before he wrote another post to indicate Nicole deleted the image, where he said:” Nicole Saba wiped the post on Instagram. “

Dissatisfied with a picture published by Nicole Saba

Public condemnation of Nicole Saba’s photo on Instagram

It is noteworthy that more than a week ago, the Lebanese star Nicole Saba, her audience, shared a video “Latif” through her account on the social networking site “Instagram”, in which she used a “filter”, which restores the user’s face to childhood, which is “filter Common among Snapchat users.

The filter gained a very wide popularity during the last period, where many used it, then shared the pictures on various social media, and Nicole appeared in the video, as she talked to herself as a little girl, as she said, “I am naughty … naughty and indigestible.”

The audience of Nicole Saba expresses his dissatisfaction with the sexual suggestion

A follower of Nicole Saba points to the deletion of the controversial photo



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