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Posted on social media by Jung Jung-ji, dead, “I’m not a criminal …” False rumors “

▲ Jung Jung-ji is dead. Provided by the Thinking Technique Research Institute

On the SNS of model and actor Jung Jung-ji from “Produce 101”, who broke the sudden news, a long article was published with a stranger who published it.

The article published on the 24th said: “It’s sad not to be able to go because it’s raining. I envy seeing successful friends. I couldn’t even participate, but the agency spread strange rumors to do noise marketing and my life was ruined, so I left the agency “.

He continued: “Nobody knows the truth, but people just curse me. It’s so hard I haven’t really committed any crime … I’m not a criminal. They really are all false rumors, but who would believe me saying this? Now it’s all in vain. … ” is written.

It is known that the post was published and deleted by Jung Jung-ji once in 2017.

A woman who previously identified herself as Jung Jung-ji’s mother told SNS on the 20th that her son Jung Jung-ji died on the 9th at the age of 30.

On the 23rd, Jung Jung-ji’s Instagram story revealed that she was Jung Jung-ji’s younger sister, saying, “It’s sad to say that, but my brother is dead. Thank you so much for your concern.”

The account was private, but my brother made it public and informed me, and added, “I hope you can appease your wish by making this Instagram account public.”

Jung Jung-ji, born in 1992, starred in Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2”, which aired in April 2017, but was dropped from the final rankings in 64th place. At the time, several rumors surrounding him published a post suggesting that it was the agency’s “acoustic marketing,” but the agency also caused conflicts, such as the announcement of a lawsuit, saying it was a “false fact”.

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The reporter Lee Bo-hee

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