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Possibilities for New York State Eviction Moratorium to be Extended | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

the vehicles and in 15 minutesreturned with wings information fromtraffic time in “atwake”.elian: the moratorium expires todayevictions in new york andexpects the legislature torun in one sessionextraordinary morning wednesdaySeptember 1 to be ableextend it until January. forabout this process we go tobroadway in manhattan whereIsabel Peralta is ready withthe details.isabel, what can we expect?isabel: good days, thousands ofNew Yorkers could stayhomeless for this moratoriumthat it will not be extended,expect legislators toperform this special action inwhere to vote and decide ifwill extend the period of nohave to pay those tenantswho are behind in their paymentDue to the pandemic, themajority of the Senate, whowait for it to be approved saidliquidators canmeet tomorrow wednesday tovote for this extension of theprohibition, said protectionit is much more weak afterthe supreme court is blockingacquisition. the winner ofnew York,announced that they wereconversation with the diagramseía de wax or the state andpresident of the assemblyto convene this sectionspecial and address the issue ofthe eviction crisis, havebeen trying to distributewings of 2.4 1,000,000,000 forprovide 12 months ofrent overdue.it has given too slow,the relief program shouldknow that if you request thetenant must live in theunit you are requesting.the money that is owedIt will be delivered to the landlord, not to thetenant, and the landlord has180 ías to accept thereject the funds in addition tohas 12 months the payment ofnext to those who are withdebts on rent. to senda request can go tonysrentahelp.otda.ny.gobif the moratorium is extendedcould go until January of2022 although this is also asubject of much controversy. Yesreceive your mail a letter thatsays that your case is inprocess, that letter can betake to a housing courtin case of eviction so thatprecisely it has not beenevicted.

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