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Positivus Festival 2022: The Driving Force Behind the Program, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Alternative Artists

The driving force behind the program

Earlier this year, Sam Smith released the album “Gloria”, which includes the super hit “Unholy” with Kim Petras and the radio single “I’m Not Here to Make Friends”. Sam Smith performs soul-inspired pop music that tells the story of finding love both within yourself and in the outside world, and does it in a visually extravagant way.

The album “Heroes & Villains” released at the end of 2022 by producer Metro Boomin is one of the most popular albums on music streaming sites in Latvia. In a way, it’s natural, as the record features stars like The Weeknd, ASAP Rocky, John Legend, Chris Brown, 21 Savage, Young Thug, and more. This year, the soundtrack composed by Metro Boomin “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” was released.

The indie rock group “alt-J” performed at the festival already in 2017 and this time they are returning with the program of the album “The Dream” released in 2022. The group’s work has both technical mastery and a sense of beauty. If not with the latest songs, then “alt-J” listeners will definitely recognize thanks to “Breezeblocks”, “Fitzpleasure” and “Left Hand Free”.

Neighboring Estonian rapper Tommy Cash started in 2013, incorporating the aesthetics of the post-Soviet heritage in his compositions, both musically and visually. In 2019, the rapper gained international recognition by presenting the album “¥€$” on a concert tour in Europe, the USA and Canada. Alongside his musical career, Tommy is also a style icon who attends fashion shows in witty avant-garde outfits.

We need Gustavo back! True needs become reality – last year Gustavo returned with a concert in the “Riga” arena, performing the program of the “Beidzot” album, and in March of this year the album “Tagad tikka salidu” was released. Something from the classics and something from the new will also be heard at the “Positivus” festival.


“Positivus” program will have hip-hop for every taste. The Atlanta stage will be presented by the duo “Earthgang”, which mixes various styles in its music, including the influences of reggae, gospel, r&b, soul music. Atlanta will also be represented by JID, who non-hip-hop listeners will have met with Imagine Dragons on the song “Enemy”. JID’s music is groovy, atmospheric hip-hop. The hip-hop of the charismatic Duckwrth from Los Angeles is closer to pop music, and the musician also expresses himself in a neo-soul style – promising a chance to succeed. He toured with Billie Eilish and also collaborated with “Earthgang”.

Latvian Elīzas Legzdina’s musical career has developed in London, last year she released the EP “Silver Linings”, this year she released her first single in the Latvian language “Bam Bam” together with Roland Če. Eliza is a hip-hop artist whose music is inspiring, praising the power and love of women. Latvian hip-hop hooligans “Banda Banda” unite a foursome that are big names in themselves: Steps, roland če, xantikvariāts and Prusax. Together, they create a decadent party, which they also released this year in recording format – the album “Gangbang”. Rapper Zeļgis introduced himself to a wider audience with the album “Parallels” released last year. His music speaks of self-discovery, where, of course, there is also a place for celebrating life.

Rapper Wiesulis is one of the biggest discoveries in Latvian music of the last year. In his debut album “Fianchetto” created together with producer sangvn, he surprises with multi-layered lyrics, kept in rap style, challenging to listen and think deeper. The duo Mauku Sencis and Grandmasters Neons leave no one indifferent. Their work is praised and celebrated, but it is one of the most listened to music streaming services. The songs combine the sweetness of pop music with the directness and irony characteristic of rap. DJ Banjo will also join the duo at the “Positivus” festival. I Mean Love’s music combines elements of hip-hop, trap, R&B, electronic and pop music and reveals the diversity of human feelings. MC Apšaude, who started his career in the association “New Wavy”, offers experimental hip-hop as a solo artist. In hip-hop, Hunn likes to experiment both stylistically and with languages ​​- the lyrics are in both Latvian and English. The duo Marko & Hotte combine current hip-hop with underground elements in their music.


“Positivus” will be an opportunity to get acquainted with the current trends in the Latvian pop music scene. Aminata, who is one of the most talented pop song writers of the last decade, as well as the owner of a powerful voice, will perform. Patricia will also take the stage, whose repertoire consists of catchy radio singles, but the musician is interested in different styles and aesthetics. Perhaps we will hear something from it at the festival. “Positivus” will also be performed by Greta, who at the end of 2022 released her debut album “Veļ zaivien man Łiųsos”. She taught her voice in a musical class, performed with Raimonda Paula, Intar Busuli, Dona, while she performs modern pop songs in her own work. Guests of the festival will be “Little Big”, a punk-pop-rave band, known for their comic superhit “Skibidi”.


This time, the British electropunk duo “Sleaford Mods” will also perform at the festival, whose music combines punk rebellion with danceable rhythms. This year, the group released a new album “UK GRIM”. “Positive” we will hear “Marta asinis”, which is an alternative rock with catchy melodies and ironic texts about the truths of life. Vultura will perform for the first time at the festival, having received two “Golden Microphones” for their debut album this year. The album “Not Your Typical Fairytale” is electronic music inspired by genres such as darkwave, new wave, synthpop, post-punk.

Rapper Finķis also represents the most alternative sound of hip-hop, especially when he performs with the group at concerts, paying tribute to grunge (grungy) for the music aesthetics of the time. The collaboration of Finkis and singer Patriša – the song “Rocket Science” – is currently being heard on radio waves.

This will be the debut of the Vēstnieks project at the “Positivus” festival. The ambassador, known as Rudolfs Macats, creates alternative pop music – sonorous and memorable, but at the same time, in the manner of singing or in electronic effects, he maintains an abstract element that pleasantly stimulates the imagination. Miks Galvanovskis, whose music is rock, will also perform at the festival. Mick knows what a show is on stage and on screen – he creates expressive, memorable videos for his songs. The group “Laika suns” also has a good relationship with rock music and reveals in its songs how wide the dimension of emotions is. On the other hand, the group “Perestroika”, which is good friends with different directions of the rock music genre, gives an insight into the vision of the future and reflects the brilliance and misery of the past.

“Bel Tempo” is an electronic music duo who know alternative music well and have a good coquetry with pop music. More alternative, soul and funk-inspired pop music will be offered by the duo “Emotional Oranges” from Los Angeles. On the other hand, the singer Anna B Savage captivates with her low timbre of voice, sensual lyrics and music rich in nuances, which is sometimes limited to a simple string of chords, which resonates even more deeply. The musician released the album “in|FLUX” this year.

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